Vsense Technologies

Vsense Technologies is a leading integration company specializing in Intel, Communication, Energy, Underwater and Industrial products, systems and sub-systems. Vsense design, develop and market cutting edge products serving government agencies, defense contractors, telecom, medical and research institutes. Vsense also represent leading manufacturers from USA, Europe and Asia offering communication, energy, underwater and industrial sub systems, components and consulting services to local companies and institutes in Israel. Vsense also offer custom made surveillance products and solutions to meet clients demand.

Technical team from Vsense will visit Milipol expo that will be held in Paris between 17-20 November 2015.
Vsense have held technical meetings during DSEI show in London UK
Security & Policing UK
Vsense have presented at the S&P show UK 2015. During the show we have presented our latest products to European end users.
Lithium Sulfur
Vsense have introduced to Israeli key contractors the newest energy cells based on Lithium Sulfur. During an open day we have presented the newest cells from Oxis Energy.
TSU 2015
Vsense have participated in TSU event held by Israeli police. During the event Vsense have demonstrated its latest tactical solutions.
The next generation of COFDM system. The smallest , advance and the smart systems with "store & forward" capability.
Macartney Underwater
Vsense Technologies was nominated by Macartney Denmark to operate as an exclsuive distributor in Israel.
ISDEF 2015
Vsense have presented its latest surveillance systems during ISDEF show in Tel-Aviv. At the show we have conducted several communication demos to army delegations from Europe.