Vsense Technologies

Vsense Technologies is a global leader in the design, development and marketing of innovative video/audio/data surveillance, recording and transmission equipment serving government agencies and defense contractors worldwide. Vsense offers a large and ever expanding range of innovative surveillance equipment, from the smallest COFDM tactical transmission systems, miniature digital recording kits, to GSM discreet communication solutions. Vsense also offer custom made products while designing surveillance products and solutions to meet clients demand.

MASK was develop to manage : GSM ,VoIP ,PSTN, discreet calls and SMS while leaving misleading data on the local operator systems.
1/02/2014 08:10
The next generation of COFDM system. The smallest , advance and the smart systems with "store & forward" capability.
IP COFDM link , the next step of COFDM , IP connection with tactic and secure communication, "store & forward" for Ground, Navy and Surveillance forces
Apollo Square
New Apollo Ver is the smallest recording server in the market with Video,Audio, Trigger In/Out include WIFI & Cellular connection and Micro-SD.