Wireless backhaul & last mile connectivityWireless backhaul & last mile connectivity

IgniteNet MetroLinq products utilize the 60 GHz millimeter wave band to enable the delivery of multi-gigabit connectivity wirelessly allowing quick roll-out of fiber like wireless networks across the globe. Multiple model options operating in point to point and point to multipoint modes provide multi-gigabit speeds and communication distances of up to 1.5km. The 60 GHz mmwave band is ideal for high-bandwidth applications with more than 7 GHz of spectrum available for transmission (14GHz in the US). Narrow beam antennas ensure a high level of security for the links while at the same time allowing co-location of multiple devices in the same location without self-interference. MetroLinq products are ideal for urban, suburban, and rural environments and multiple applications from enterprise to residential customers, security or governmental networks, mobile or fixed operator backhaul and many more. Also innovative tri-band radios make MetroLinq equipment even more versatile, allowing usage of the same equipment for backhaul, last mile dedicated access and even Wi-Fi access, which simplifies deployment of multi-purpose networks and saves tower or rooftop space.