FCP 1U EnclosureFCP 1U Enclosure

The EMIT FCP 1U fiber termination enclosure system can manage fibers from 12/24 ports of SC/LC pigtails terminations. The termination operations are including outdoor main cable cutting, cable position fixing, cable jacket stripping, sub-cable extraction, glass fiber fusion protection, fiber routing management and protection, and extra cable storage can be all treated and well managed in this termination enclosure. 
All FCP series enclosures will be offered with full package of cable management kits and accessories, fiber splice trays, and adaptor panels.

  • 19" rack, cabinet mountable, per EIA-310-D.
  • One enclosure accommodates 12 port terminations and 12 fusion splices.
  • Modular adaptor panel, six adaptors per panel accepts FC, SC, ST adaptor.
  • Rear access.
  • Aluminum housing, epoxy coating, beige color, powder coating is optional.
  • Cable routing spools provided to take up excess length of fiber and pigtail cable.
  • Twelve fusions splicing per tray.
  • Modular splice holder of six splice.
  • Rubber grommets sealed for cable holes.
  • Routing guides for storing excess length of cables.

1.MATERIAL: AL, t=1.6mm .

2.FINISH:Liquid Coating, Beige .

3.DIMENSION: 410x278x44.5(1U) m/m(WxDxH)

4.WEIGHT : 2.0 kg, Shipping Weight : 2.5 kg