EMITEK's wall mount fiber termination boxes FTB series are combining two compartments design in one box. One is for OSP cable and pigtails splicing, the other is for patch cord termination and extra length storage. The enclosures are equipped with modular adaptor panels located on box center, also it has one central lock to secure two doors. FTB series enclosures are offered with cable routing spools, fusion splice tray, heat shrink tubes, and rubber grommets. Customization is also available under your request.

  • Very compact, light-weighted and low protrusion design.
  • Two compartments design in one box. One for OSP cable fiber and pigtails splicing, the other is for patch cord termination, storage.
  • Modular adaptors located right on the central panel.
  • Six adaptors per panel FC, SC, ST adaptors.
  • 30/70 split door design. Ease of installation for limited environment.
  • One cam lock secures two doors.
  • Aluminum housing, epoxy coating, beige color, powder coating is optional.
  • Cable routing spools provided to take up excess length of fiber and pigtail cable.
  • Twelve fusions splicing per tray.
  • Modular splice holder of six splice.
  • Rubber grommets sealed for cable holes.
  • Routing guides for storing excess length of cables.
  • MATERIAL: AL, t=1.0mm
  • FINISH:Liquid Coating, Beige
  • DIMENSION:370x75x350 m/m(WxDxH)
  • Weight : 2.2 kg
  • Shipping Weight : 3.0 kg