Data cable, 4 STP - Type 4588Data cable, 4 STP - Type 4588

Construction characteristics

Centre filler: Textile filler
Shielded twisted pair: 1.00 mm² bare copper conductor insulated with PE.
2 conductors twisted together with a tinned copper drain
wire and aluminium/polyester foil (4 each)
Filling compound: The cable is filled with cable filling compound
Shield: Aluminium/polyester foil and tinned copper drain wire, coverage 100%
Outer jacket: Polyurethane jacket. Colour black


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 14.00 mm ±0.50 mm
Weight in air: 240 kg/km nom
Weight in seawater: 75 kg/km nom
Min. bending radius, static: 90 mm
Min. bending radius, dynamic: 150 mm
Depth rating: 3,000 m


Electrical characteristics

Operating voltage: 600 V
Test voltage: 4,000 V DC for 1 min (cond. - cond.)
3,000 V DC for 1 min (cond. - shield)
500 V DC for 1 min (shield - shield)
Conductor resistance: ≤ 20.0 Ω/km
Insulation resistance: ≥ 100 MΩ×100 m (shield - shield)
Capacitance: 100 pF/m
Inductance: 240 μH/Km
Impedance: 54 ±5 Ω at 1-10 MHz
Attenuation: 5.5 dB/100 m at 1 MHz
14.0 dB/100 m at 10 MHz

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