Multi purpose Multi purpose

Construction characteristics

Coax: 1.94 mm² stranded bare copper wires insulated
with HDPE - 1.40 mm wall
Coax shield: 3.38 mm² copper wire and 
copper polyester tape (1 each)
Jacket: PE jacket – 0.98 mm wall
Armour: Inner layer: 24 x 0.95 mm wire GIPS
Outer layer: 24 x 1.22 mm wire GIPS


Mechanical characteristics

Diameter: 11.43 mm
Weight in air: 482 kg/km nom
Weight in seawater: 392 kg/km nom
Min. bending radius: 230 mm
Breaking strength: 71.2 kN
Working load: 17.8 kN


Electrical characteristics

Voltage rating: 1,900 V DC
Insulation resistance: 3,000 MΩ×km
DC resistance 9.8 Ω/km for coax conductor
6.9 Ω/km for coax shield
Impedance: 40 Ω
Capacitance: 131 pF/m
Attenuation: 11.5 dB/km at 1 MHz
26.2 dB/km at 5 MHz

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