The Mini-T-SURVEY multiplexer is a dedicated fibre optic multiplexer system for oceanographic survey applications offering digital fibre optic transmission of multiple highspeed Ethernet and serial data channels over a single fibre optic link. The multiple Ethernet and serial channels make the Mini-T-SURVEY suitable for integration with many profiling, side scan sonar and other survey hardware as well as acoustic platforms.

The size of the Mini-T subsea hull is approximately 5 x 14 inches. The Mini-T can provide a telemetry solution for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) including smaller observation, explorer and light-working class models. The subsea unit is complemented by a 19” 1 U Euro-rack style enclosure at the surface or controlling end of a telemetry system.

The Mini-T utilises state-of-the-art CWDM optical technology and offers the ability to upgrade or modify the optical configuration or electrical specification of a system.

  • Small form-factor multiplexer
  • Rugged design for extreme environments
  • Depth rating down to 6,000 m rated subsea housings
  • (Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs
  • Pipe/hull inspection robotics
  • Side scan sonar (ROV) and towed array
  • Security, defence, and industrial sensor applications
  • Subsea ocean observation systems