The MacArtney NEXUS MK III multibeam sonar and echosounder transmission system transmits high speed digital sonar data from multibeam sonars/echosounders installed on a remotely operated vehicle or system.  The system is able to transmit high speed data from two multibeam sonar/echosounder heads on one single or multi-mode optical fibre.

The low speed downlink control data for the sonar head is transmitted through the existing telemetry system on board the underwater vehicle or system. The NEXUS MK III package consists of a 19” rack mounted top side unit and a subsea PCB assembly for installation in an existing on board subsea telemetry pod.

  • Handles 2 multibeam sonars/echosounders
  • Supports any multibeam sonar/echosounder (P)ECL or gigabit Ethernet uplink
  • Operates on single-mode or multi-mode fibre
  • Telemetry for ROV/ROTV pipeline survey applications
  • Telemetry for ROV/ROTV cable route survey applications
  • Telemetry for rock dump ROV applications
  • Telemetry for trencher applications