The MacArtney NEXUS MK C is a plug-and-play multiplexer for ROVs. This built-to-order multiplexer is intended to be the main multiplexer for a work class ROV or similar vehicle. It can be fitted to new ROVs or as an upgrade to existing systems.

The multiplexer is easy to install and can handle data for ROV set-ups that require multiple cameras, sonars, attitude sensors, manipulators, cable or pipe trackers, etc. It is based on the Focal 907 series multiplexer boards in combination with MacArtney minicontroller and specialised interface boards.

The topside unit is a 19” rack unit which has indicator LEDs on the front panel showing status of all data channels. On the back panel, a number of D-sub or RJ-45 connectors are installed for serial data and digital I/Os. BNC connectors are used for video and multibeam output.

Camera function and sensor power control is provided through a software interface which also includes monitoring of power interfaces. The control protocol is open (ASCII based) and can be integrated in a larger control system if needed.

One subsea bottle houses the corresponding multiplexer boards, power supplies and control electronics. The bottle can be made in several materials including anodized aluminium, high tensile duplex steel and titanium for depths down to 6,000 metres.

Multi conductor harness cables can be routed to an oil filled junction box for additional sensor interfaces, if required.

The fibre optic telemetry takes advantage of the CWDM technology (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) combining several wavelengths on one fibre.

  • Interfaces to all standard survey sensors and cameras
  • Supplies power to sensors and cameras
  • Control software for topside control of power switching and video control
  • Operates on one single- or multi-mode fibre
  • ROV/ROTV multiplexer
  • Survey sensor package multiplexer
  • Multiplexer for geotechnical subsea rigs and other UUVs