TA435 is very vercitile with multiple functions. Take it as a thermal imaging attachment adding thermal imaging capability to your scope, or as a portable thermal imaging monocular. This compact, lightweight and durable device can be quickly mounted and dismounted without re-zeroing, providing excellent image in various environments.

Application field: Search and Rescue, Law enforcement, Personal Vision System, Outdoor recreation

  • Switchover among five scene modes by one button, truly realizing all-weather environment self-adaptation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • OLED color eyepiece display, capable of displaying images in various color modes
  • Encapsulation IP67
  • Super sound-off and bright light Cut-off System, prevent exposure
  • Optional Bluetooth remote controller for easy operation
  • quick mount and no-shot zero(recommended magnification of the day scope/sight : 2-4X)