IR5210 IR5210

IR5210 is multi-functional cooled handheld binocular thermal imager. It integrated a thermal imager, visible camera, a laser range finder, GPS, electronic compass. It comprises a thermal imager with 8x continuous optical zoom. It’s rugged and portable.

Application field: Search and Rescue, Law enforcement, Firefighting first response, forest fire prevention

  • High resolution thermal imager, high resolution visual camera. Work all day, see through glare
  • GPS, electrical compass, eye-safe laser range finder
  • The output image can be displayed on its color OLED display and alternatively on a control & display units connected to a host machine which makes it suitable for complex maneuvers
  • Wi-Fi video transfer
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Different palette options for the image display make it easier to detect and identify targets in different circumstances