This is 4G 5G LTE directional MIMO panel antenna.

It is a dual polarised panel antenna designed for 5G,4G, LTE, 3G and GSM frequency bands.

It has two radiating elements, one vertically polarised and one horizontally polarised, operating

from 800-960,1710-2170, 2500-2700 and 3300-3800MHz.

The directional 4G LTE MIMO panel antenna allows you to point towards the nearest cellular

tower or the strongest cellular signal source, and effectively increase the signal reception ability

for your 4G routers.

With gain figures of 7dBi on the low band and 10 dBi on the higher bands, it is a high performing,

compact directional antenna to complement 4G routers, modems and terminals, but also fully

supporting 3G devices so 3G users do not have to change the antenna in the event they

decide to upgrade to 4G. Sealed in the plastic case, the MIMO LTE panel antenna is the ideal

directional antenna for using in the outdoors.

The default mounting kit  offers a convient solution to install the antenna on a pole with diameter

30~50mm and changing the antenna direction easily.