MI.Sens MI.Sens

The new MI.Sens modular multiparameter sensor was developed in close collaboration with Aanderaa with the purpose to provide a flexible sensor system with realtime data transmission through a jacketed steel wire mooring line.

The system can host up to 7 different sensors. Besides the full range of Aanderaa smart sensors, also various external sensors with RS232 and RS422 interface are supported.

The MI.Sens system is available with depth ratings of 300m and 6,000m. Installation on the steel wire mooring line is easily accomplished with the integrated mooring clamp and split inductive coupler.

The standard configuration already provides up to 1,200 Wh battery capacity with Lithium primary or 420 Wh with Alkaline cells.

The splendid battery capacity and the low power consumption of the system enables long term deployments with short sensor sampling intervals.

Full compatibility with SeabirdTM inductive mooring line communication is guaranteed. Up to 98 devices can be installed on a single mooring.

The standard configuration is equipped on the upper end with an Aanderaa single ZPulse DSC for single point current measurements and up to three additional sensors on the bottom end.

The instrument can be conveniently activated / deactivated by the integrated magnetic power switch that also signals system status information (e.g. battery capacity and sensor sampling) via a multicolor status LED.