"5 Monitor "5 Monitor

The DS100 is a water resistant, ruggedly built recording video monitor with high capacity Lithium Polymer batteries for up to 8 hours use.  A 5.0” screen satisfies viewers often in need of a larger image, as the majority of mobile DVRs on the market have very small screens.  The DS100 has a 12VDC power output for external cameras, creating a self sufficient mobile viewing solution when used with either endoscope camerasvideo-scopes or pole cameras.  A single power/video connector is used for the video input and power output to external camera (if required).  Recording of JPEG still images and MPEG video is made onto an SD memory card.  Files can be reviewed on the DS100 or PC

  • Completely self contained unit
  • Up to 8 hours battery life (no camera) ~5 hours with camera connected
  • 12V power output 
  • Rugged and water resistant construction
  • JPEG and MPEG image / video files


Screen Size 5.0"
Recording Format H.264
Video Format PAL
Resolution 640 x 480 resolution CVBS (composite) / 1024x768 XVGA
Recording Media SD Card
Power Output 12VDV (500mA)
Power Input 12VDC (regulated)
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Operation Temperature Operating temperature / humidity – 0-50° & 0% - 80%
Operating Time up to 8 hours use (excluding camera). ~5 Hours with RVA endoscope camera.
Recording Rate Up to 30 fps