A self-contained, battery powered control unit drives a slow, high torque, low noise drill and a peristaltic water pump. This enables the use of our custom made water fed diamond core drills - essential for drilling hard materials such as concrete.  A specially designed water collector creates a 'closed circuit' system resulting in practically no mess.  Waste settles in a water container and stone cores are removed with the supplied core removal tools. The drill contains a sound insulated geared motor with adjustable speed from 0-75rpm.  A 10mm keyless chuck enables the use of other 'dry' drill bits and pin-holing tools. Our innovative ‘Auto-Push’ drive device relieves the operator and provides accurate and consistent feed pressure. Simplicity of design, effective drilling and quiet handling are the key features of the FOX-1 Please contact us for full information about this produc

The FOX-1 low noise drill is compatible with our through-wall covert surveillance fibre-scope kits, the FOX-3 and FOX-5