SmartConfig™ is a convenient configuration tool for mass deployment of CTC Union's managed industrial switch products. SmartConfig™ is designed for field engineers, to aid in mass deployments but can just as easily be used for initial configuration of a small group of switches or even a single device. It is portable, so it can easily be included on a network tools pen drive, it has been tested on all versions of Windows and the GUI is both simple and intuitive. Different configurations can be saved and recalled for later use, saving valuable time in the field and minimizing downtime when expanding networks or doing field replacements.

  • Multiple device auto discovery
  • Group configuration, access
  • Group firmware upgrade
  • Backup / restore device configuration
  • IP address assignment
  • Connectivity testing
  • Multiple device auto discovery

    SmartConfig™ can discover all inter-connected devices (no initial IP setting required) using broadcast or SNMP discovery methods. The results will show a list of discovered devices on the network including their IP address, MAC address, Model name, Firmware version.

  • Group Firmware Upgrade

    SmartConfig™ supports firmware upgrade for one device or multiple devices at a time. This function helps to increase firmware upgrade efficiency and convenience.

  • Group Configuration & Access

    For quick access and configurations, SmartConfig™ provide an efficient way to access and configure functions of one or multiple devices.

  • Backup / Restore device Configuration

    Running-config, startup-config and default config can be both stored to your local PC and restored to the devices via SmartConfig™