Stainless Series Stainless Series

The Winmate rugged, industrial-grade panel PC series is built to withstand challenging environments, undergoing rigorous testing to ensure safety and top performance. All of the models in the stainless series are sealed to at least IP65 standards, the Stainless Steel IP69K Panel PC, however, is sealed to IP69K, offering the best solution for environments with hygienic considerations.

Winmate's flat stainless steel P-Cap panel PCs and display go beyond that of the standard industrial panel computes with elegant, rugged construction, powerful performance, and flexible mounting options. Since this series can be easily mounted, it's ideal for machine controller, command centers, enabling rapid communication, and fast, efficient computing. The IP69K Stainless Panel PC works well in food, beverage industry, including food processing operations and packaging, chemical manufacturing and other industrial applications.