MPO Trunk Cable AssemblyMPO Trunk Cable Assembly

EMIT offers pre-terminated multi-fiber trunk cable to speed indoor installation. The product includes assemblies terminated on both ends with multi-fiber MPO style connectors or one end with MPO and the other end with multiple legs terminated to various connectors. Our multi-fiber trunk cable assemblies are designed to connect fan-out modules and 19" 1RU trunk fan-out shelves.
This pre-terminated trunk cable are easy configuration and plug-and-play connectivity for backbone network installation. Single Mode and OM3 trunk cable are designed to low-loss specifications with straight-through fiber polarity. 24 / 48 / 72 / 96 fiber counts pre-terminated trunk cable fan-out are available.

  • 48 fibers and 96 fibers
  • Available in PVC, LSZH, or OFNP class cable
  • Pulling sock included
  • Available for various lengths and connector types
  • RoHS compliance