The MacArtney NEXUS MK VI is a HD video and multibeam sonar multiplexer that carries all signals over one single mode optical fibre via CWDM (coarse wavelength division multiplexing). Options include (P)ECL and 10/100 Ethernet cards.

Power switching is software controlled and can be installed on any computer with at least one real or USB com port. The protocol is open and can be integrated into customer software for monitoring convenience. Sensor power status, leak alarm, telemetry link, etc. are also continuously monitored by the software.

As standard, the subsea housing is manufactured from hard anodised aluminium. Connectivity interfaces include SubConn® anodised aluminium connectors, SubConn® coax (HD video) connectors and a MacArtney OptoLink fibre optical connector. For depth ratings over 3,000 MSW, the pressure housing can be manufactured from titanium or high tensile duplex steel.

  • Interfaces most standard survey sensors
  • Software controlled power switching for sensors
  • Interface for SeaBat 71xx, R2Sonic and Kongsberg multibeam sonar system (dual head)
  • Three HD video interfaces (full broadcast quality)
  • Operates on one single mode optical fibre
  • ROV/ROTV multiplexer for HD video and multibeam-sonar survey sensor set-up
  • Cable trencher systems
  • Drop camera systems
  • Towed camera and sensor systems
  • Seabed monitoring applications including landers and observatory systems