The NEXUS MK E is designed as an electrical alternative to a fibre optic multiplexer. The MK E has been adapted to work with non-fibre optic cables and can be used to handle data on existing coax type side scan sonar and CTD cables as well as twisted pair cables.

The MK E is intended for use in applications where there is a need to perform online communication with a number of underwater sensors and/or live video transmission.

Power switching of the individually connected sensors, lights and camera is controlled through top side software.

The system communicates with power and data on the same conductors along 6,000 metres of coax cable as standard or 3,000 metres on twisted pair cable. Coax cable length can be up to 10,000 metres as an option.

The MK E multiplexer system includes a 19” 3U rack and subsea unit and a PC software package for setting up channels and power switching facilities (48, 24, 15 and 12 VDC). The system can also be supplied with 1 video channel and control of up to 2 underwater lights.

  • Designed for use on existing copper cables
  • Power switching individually controlled via software
  • Power and data transferred on the same conductors
  • Based on tried and tested MacArtney multiplexer technology and knowhow
  • Easy upgrade path to fibre optic based telemetry
  • Can be delivered as a portable multiplexer that can work with both fibre optic and copper cable systems
  • Oceanography - CTD and LADCP
  • ROV upgrade
  • Towed vehicles
  • Drop camera and towed camera systems